Youtube Movie Maker Video Shapes Library

With Youtube Movie Maker v6.12 or above version, we can easy to add video shape effects onto the video for making cool video for YouTube, here we provide some predefined video shapes, you can free download them from the last table, and please note:

  • A Dynamic Shape includes a group of Static Shapes.
  • You can directly add a Dynamic Shape onto the video, the video will get the dynamic shape effect, and you can customize the duration of each frame in the Dynamic Shape.
  • You can add serveral Static Shapes onto the video to customize a dynamic shape effect by yourself.
  • If you have pretty pictures(.PNG files), you can fully customize cool video shape by using Youtube Movie Maker v6.12 or above version.
  • How to import the downloaded Shapes into Youtube Movie Maker?

  • Step1: Download a Shape from the last table, you will get a .zip file.
  • Step2: Unzip .zip file, you will get a .rzsf file and corresponding photos.
  • Step3: Easy to run Youtube Movie Maker, select "Make video", then click "***Import Shapes" and select the .rzsf file to import this downloaded shape into Youtube Movie Maker.(like below picture)
  • import video shape

    Youtube Movie Maker Video Shapes Library.

    We will continue to add new video shapes, if you have any suggestion, or want to share your customized shapes, please simply mail to us.

    Free Shapes

    Sparks 001


    Overlight 001


    Galaxy Star 001
    (Black part be transparent)

    Video Fade In 001

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