Related Knowledge about YouTube

Related Knowledges About YouTube

1. YouTube Limits the single video size max to 2GB for normal user.
2. YouTube Limits the single video length max to 15minutes for normal user.
3. Right video profiles for YouTube.
  • SD 240P
  • SD 360P
  • SD 480P
  • HD 720P
  • Full HD 1080P
  • 2K Ultra HD 1440P
  • 4K Ultra HD 2160P
  • 4. YouTube Limits the video tag.
  • Tag contains a comma-separated list of words associated with a video. You must provide at least one tag for each video in your feed. This field has a maximum length of 500 bytes including commas, and may contain all valid UTF-8 characters except < and >. In addition, each tag word must be at least two bytes long and may not be longer than 30 bytes.
  • Tags may contain spaces, meaning an individual tag word can actually be more than one word long. For example, crazy,surfing,stunts and crazy, surfing stunts are both valid values for this tag, but the former value contains three keywords and the latter value contains only two ("crazy" and "surfing stunts").
  • 5. Before upload videos onto YouTube, we must create a YouTube channel first(Sign in YouTube account, then goto Channel Manager to create a YouTube channel).
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