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Youtube Movie Maker v6.25 or higher version built-in a free Karaoke Video Maker, with it we can create the best Karaoke videos easily and quickly.

So if you are looking for a fast and easy way to make the best Karaoke videos, YouTube Movie Maker is a right choice for you.

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Or you could view below YouTube videos for some step by step online video guides:

Youtube Movie Maker - The Best Karaoke Video Maker, easy to make Karaoke videos.

Video 1: How to make the best Lyrics or Karaoke video.
Video 2: How to make a Lyric video with Karaoke Effect
Video 3: Fast make Lyric video with Karaoke Effect from LRC file.

If you would like to have a simple test in your computer, you could Click Here to download the Karaoke LRC file in above videos.

We will continue to add more Karaoke Effects, if you have any suggestion, please simply mail to us.

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